Are you like me, currently in the stage of life when your primary responsibilities (the children) go to bed as the sun goes down and yet you cannot leave them? You might find yourself wondering where to go on holiday. Might I suggest a Glamping Trip? The whole family has great fun when the entertainment is provided, the glamping accommodation gorgeous, and the Mid-Wales scenery breath-taking. At sundown, children and adults can both have their own fun, whether in the tent or at the firepit just outside it. Here are some of my toptips to clear a trail to family-glamping success.

  1. There’s clean, and then there’s glamping clean! Think muddy faces and sandy toes…leave germaphobia at home, and embrace the boost your collective immune system will received from the glorious mud.
  2. Ease transitions from home to holiday life by using packing cubes to organise everyone’s clothing and gear by activity – group swim wear, hiking outfits, and Pyjama’s – rather than by person.
  3. Keep the family entertained on your glamping holiday with dominos, cards, and board games located in The Hide. Football, Swimming, Rounders, Scavenger hunts… the woods at in Hay on Wye have endless possibilities.
  4. As in day-to-day family life, snacks are the key to happiness! Try our Toddler Trex Mix available in The Hide.
  5. Bring extra EVERYTHING when you come glamping, particularly nappies, wipes, swimsuits, and socks.
  6. Stick to your family bedtime routines as much as possible to discourage overly early risers. Travel cots available just mention requirements on booking.
  7. If you see a flashlight flicker under a blanket, turn a blind eye. That’s childhood memory gold.
  8. My last trick is a sneaky one! If there’s great interest in the family staying up overly late, set all clocks, watches, and phones ahead and feign exhaustion at “midnight.” Terrible I know!
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