Glamping is up there as one of the great all-time compromises in history. For those who love the outdoors, but don’t wish to sacrifice the comforts of home (Children addicted to Wifi?!), there is glamping.

Glamping is a mashup of the word “glamorous” and “camping”. Some also call it glorious camping, boutique camping, or luxury camping. However you describe it, it should really be named “comfortable camping”, as glamping is the act of sleeping in wonderful nature with all the best creature comforts of home.
Come stay at By the Wye and you’ll get the best of camping:
 Direct access to the great outdoors – woods, mountains and a river!
 Smores and stories around the campfire
 The sound of rain on your tent (it rains occasionally in Wales)
 Nature’s peaceful soundtrack and views of the River Wye
 Quality time making memories with family and friends
 Fresh Welsh Countryside air
Without the worst of camping:
 Carrying all that equipment – Safari tents and waiting for you
 Sleeping on the lumpy ground – super comfy beds all round
 Shivering – Log Burner and Firepit
 Sleeping bags, in general – Welsh Woollen Blankets
 That not-so waterproof tent when it rains – lots of space undercover

In the woods at Hay on Wye we have real beds, rugs, wooden floors, luxury bedding, towels, toiletries and décor, en-suite bathrooms with underfloor heating, electricity, lights, heat and a kitchen, and, most importantly, a great view of the River Wye

So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of the glamping movement and get out there and rough it – just not too rough.

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