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Balance and Restore

Holidays are about relaxing and what could be better than having a massage or reflexology while you are staying at By the Wye? Look through our list of pampering treatments below and choose one (or two!) for a treat. Treatments will take place in the comfort of your safari tent accommodation.  If you want to enjoy a treatment during your stay it must be booked in advance, directly through one of our lovely massage therapists. 

Hannah from The Soul Shack – [email protected]

Reflexology with Alice – [email protected]

New for 2023 – Treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of wellness with an essential oil set, expertly crafted by Hannah from the Soul Shack, bespoke for By the Wye. Sets include 3 oils for Clearing, Balancing and Resting. Combine these with the carrier oil and use them in a luxurious scented bath, add to water for scented steam in the wood-fired sauna or book yourself a massage.


A treatment tailored completely to you and your needs, whether it is to relax and unwind or address specific issues which will be discussed during the consultation.  A nurturing massage aiming to support you however you need it, with a massage oil and pressure chosen by you to relax and soothe.


Is a non-invasive therapy using energy flow from the hands to rebalance each of your energy centres.  You will remain fully clothes, lying on a massage couch, while the energy flow is directed by the intuitive placement of hands on or above your body.  The sense of peace if brings can help to restore a sense of balance and well-being within the mind and body and is wonderful for promoting healthy sleep and reducing stress.

Indian Head Massage

A truly holistic treatment that works on the upper back, the shoulders and upper arms before moving onto the neck, scalp and face, aiming to bring the body to a sense of peace and balance using scented oils.  The physical element works to soothe shoulder and neck pain, headaches and jaw tension whilst the more energetic side of the massage creates a delicious floaty feeling and promotes healthy sleep.


The aim of a reflexology treatment is to help restore balance to the body naturally.  Simplified, it is an absolutely glorious foot massage.  On a deeper level it has been used for centuries to target specific issues, from digestive dysfunction to sleep problems, as well as relieving anxiety and tension, encouraging relaxation, improving mood and aiding sleep.  

Aromatherapy Massage

A consultation will lead to a collaborative selection of oils, followed by a treatment that blends essential oils and massage, aiming to restore balance and harmony to body and mind.  Issues such as arthritis, sleep problems, anxiety, skin conditions and stress can be targeted in this treatment.  Gentler than a ‘traditional massage’ in which your chosen oils are released along the length of the spine, combined with gentle massage to release toxins and lymph.

Pregnancy Massage

This massage can either be done lying on your side or on a specialised pregnancy massage cushion.  The aim is to soothe mamas-to-be, creating a space where they feel nurtured and weightless, even if it’s just for a little while, using a relaxing, pregnancy-safe oil blend, a pressure of your choosing and as many pillows, blankets and supports as needed.


Please note that times stated include a full, thorough consultation before the treatment begins to discuss your health, lifestyle and needs to ensure that treatment is right for you.

30mins – £45

60mins – £55

90mins – £85

Email one of our lovely therapists to book a treatment today.

Hannah from The Soul Shack – [email protected]

Reflexology with Alice – [email protected]

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