Ever Heard of Hygge?

During the long and dark winter months of the year, Scandinavians traditionally try to interject as much light as possible into their lives. But light doesn’t just mean actual light. It also means comfort, joy, and wellbeing. It’s something that consistently lands the nordic countries on the top 10 list of the happiest people on earth.

It’s called Hygge, and its the subtle art of happiness.

What Exactly is Hygge?

Hygge is pronounced hue-guh. It can be used as a noun, adjective, or a verb. The word comes from a Norwegian word meaning “well being” and it’s a centuries old Scandinavian / Danish concept that is used to describe a moment or feeling that is cozy, special, or charming. It brings to mind pleasant, engaging, mellow, good-humored, safe, and snug environments. It’s comfort and pleasure combined. It’s that inviting glow of The Shire from The Hobbit. The smell of a log burner on a snowy winters night. It’s The Great Hall with all the floating candles in Harry Potter. It could also be sipping on a glass of wine with a friend, or taking a relaxing bubble bath. There is no one thing that equates to the idea; instead, it’s all of them combined. It’s a general state of mind towards how you embrace life. After all, who doesn’t want happy? 

Why do I want to embrace Hygge?

It’s the little moments that count. We all know that. But how often do you stop and smell the roses? How many of these moments do you really have in your life? Are you over-worked? Overstressed? Distracted? If you answered “yes,” I’m not surprised. We are have so much going on these days that it’s hard for any of us to not feel overwhelmed. That’s why it’s time to start embracing hygge now, especially if it’s a new concept to you. Putting a little more happiness into your life will improve how you feel, flow, and walk through life. We can safely say that anyone who is quintessentially Scandinavian embraces hygge on a regular basis. It’s built into the culture. Scandinavia tends to slow down and savour the moments more so than the rest of the world. But don’t worry, you can embrace hygge no matter where you live. This is where we come in. 

A Hygge Holiday

What is more hygge than a stay at By the Wye. Sleeping surrounded by the sounds of nature, woodland walks lit by moonlight, roaring fires, blankets to cwtch, books to read and lots of lovely nooks to hide away in. If that isn’t enough to convince you, check how many of these ideas you can tick when you stay with us (spoiler…its all of them!).

The Big Hygge Idea List
Here is our big list of creative, engaging, happiness-creating things to do:

  • Candles
  • Creating homemade crafts
  • Having a glass of wine with friends
  • Leaving out bowls of healthy snacks
  • Turning off all distracting electronics
  • Playing some relaxing music
  • Engaging in friendly conversation
  • Sit in a quiet spot and watch the world go by
  • Taking a few deep breaths
  • Partaking in stress-free cooking
  • Using blankets generously
  • Reading a novel or book
  • Putting flowers on the table
  • Enjoying some cheese and wine
  • Sharing jokes with friends
  • Trying an adult coloring book
  • Making popcorn or eating some rich chocolate
  • Reflecting on your day with gratitude

Come and stay with us and have a truly unique hygge experience.

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