Stays with Private Saunas

Looking at some of the popular travel trends for 2024, it seems that saunas are the new hot tubs. It’s a hot travel trend for 2024! We’ve seen the Scandinavians do it and now it’s our turn.  Research has shown that saunas help lower the risk of heart-related disease, while athletes and wild swimmers swear by them.  Saunas are a fantastic way to destress and detox, and the wood-fired sauna on the decking on the Cwtch overlooks the river Wye. Imagine lying in your private sauna, basking in the warmth, listening to the gentle crackle of the fire and watching kingfishers, herons and the occasional otter go by. For wellness lovers, this is truly a unique sauna experience.

Digital Detoxes

Everyone knows we spend too much time on our phones. Waiting for a train, during your lunch break, when the ads come on, basically anytime something exciting isn’t happening directly in front of us. But what if there was no wi-fi and you put your phone away for a weekend, would you cope? At By the Wye you can embrace a digital detox breaks allowing you to be free from tech for a few days. With no distractions, but that which you bring with you. Your focus is shifted from the social feed, to the path moving under your feet. No getting soaked on the morning commute, just diving headfirst into wild swims, exploring the surrounding Brecon Beacons National Park – before cuddling by the fire. No likes or hearts on photos edited to look more real than life, just life itself to embrace.

“By the Wye really is an idyllic place to relax and unwind”


Another travel trend for 2024 is that people are prioritising wellness, saying that they will make space for relaxation to improve their wellbeing and By the Wye is the perfect setting for a wellness holiday. The Cwtch safari tent comes with a fairytale four-poster bed, perfect for lazy lie-ins on weekend wellness escapes. Relax in the heat of the woodland sauna then jump in the cold-water shower to feel revitalised and refreshed. Holly Safari tent has a new outdoor bathing space where you can gather as a group of friends, bathe in the great outdoors, and enjoy the stunning woodland surroundings with the fire-pit lit. Book a private massage or reflexology treatment and you will feel like a new person.

By the Wye is a camping holiday with one important difference, the treetop glamping accommodation is already pitched when you arrive. Safari tents come with roaring campfires, beautiful beds, sumptuous sofas, running water, flushing toilets, eco-friendly toiletries and fully equipped kitchens. A holiday at By the Wye Treetop Glamping the ultimate in luxury glamping and is enough to tempt even the most reluctant of campers out into the woods on holiday.

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