Go Wild in the Countryside

This half term holiday be a Wildlife Hero and spend some time exploring the great outdoors. Use this list of activities taken from the Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild Challenge for ways to go wild or be inspired to create your own list.

  1. Build a Den
  2. Go Stargazing
  3. Build a Bug Hotel
  4. Leave a pile of leaves
  5. Look for animal tracks
  6. Hunt for mini beasts
  7. Dip your feet in the wild water

If you love playing outdoors and exploring you should check out your local Wildlife Trust, a movement of people passionate about nature. They are local Charities, formed by people to make a difference where they life, working together for the Wildlife of the UK.


Be careful not to disturb or damage Wildlife. Foraging for Wild Foods can be dangerous. Some plants can cause serious illness or death, so unless you’re certain you know what you’ve picked we suggest you get it identified by a professional forager. By the Wye does not take responsibility for any harm caused during the carrying out of these activities. Keep it Wild!

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